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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

R.I.P. Cara - I will always love you.

On Mondy, May 25th, my little girl, Cara, passed away after a year and a half bout with cancer and copper storage disease. She was 12 years old and the greatest present I ever received.

When I was 21 (I'm now 33), my little dog Ali passed away and I was very depressed. Unknown to me, my mother was talking to her friend Marianne whom I bought Ali from. Marianne and my mom showed and breed English Cocker Spaniels. The reason I mentioned that is Marianne phoned Jeanie who own one of Ali's puppies. The puppy she owned was now 9 years.

Jeanie breed Ali's puppy and there was a chance she would not get pregnant being that old. Thankfully, she did get pregnant and had a few puppies. There was 1 female in the litter and that was Cara.

One night my mother and brother said they had to go out. When they returned home, they had Cara. They were toweling her off after giving her a bath, since she was filthy from her plane ride, when I walked into the dog room and I saw her.

She didn't pay any attention to my mother or my brother, but when she saw me she ran out of their arms and right into mine. I broke down into tears. She looked "exactly" like Ali right down to the little white spot on her head and had the same cute personality. We were best friends right from the start.

That night, something wonderful happened in my life and I will always be grateful to my mother, brother, Marianne and Jeanie for what they did for me.

Rest in peace my little girl. I will always love you and will miss you very much.

Love Always,

Charles Petruzzi

UPDATE: My brother, Tony, posted a dedication to Cara as well on his blog. Click here to visit Rip's Domain.

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roger.priestly said...

So feel for you Charles. It's often remarked how strange it is we give our hearts to guarantee they will be broken 12 odd years later. But I think thats what makes us people with hearts and the ability to really, really sense and project emotion. Interestingly the majority of people in jail for murder and violent crime never had a pet or they actually had a history of harming one. Equally children growing up with one have a lower obsevance of asthma.

My thoughts are with you my friend

Anonymous said...

I once read a story of a family with a 7 year old son who had to put their dog down for similar reasons. After they had finished letting the dog go in peace the family sat around him all crying except for the 7 year old son. When they asked the son why he wasn't crying he said, "We don't need to be sad. Dogs don't live as long as humans because dogs are born knowing how to love. People need to learn."

And isn't nothing but the truth. Reading your story about Cara and how she ran into your arms as a puppy without having to "get to know you" or "judge you". She was a young animal born with unconditional love.

My wife is the proprietor of a dog bakery and we have 2 amazing Shelties and the most loveable English Cocker Spaniel and when we start thinking about how we will lose them far before we die we just think of the 7 year old boy and his story and look down at our smiling, blissfully ignorant, dogs and realize that they really have no purpose to be on this planet longer then they are given. They truly are born (every one of them, from Pomeranians to Pitt-bulls) with all the love people could ever need.

I hope you can find a new dog to love, just as much, if not more than, Cara.

Anonymous said...

Touching story