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Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Lawyer and Farmer

A lawyer was out duck hunting one day and shot a duck. The shot duck landed inside the fence surrounding a farmer's ranch. The lawyer hopped the fence to go retrieve the duck. As he was about to leave the property he heard a voice shot at him, "Hey, what are you doing on my property?".

The lawyer turned around and it was an old farmer. "Well, I shot this duck and I'm going to brin it home to cook and eat it".

"No you're not", said the old farmer, "That there duck is on my property and so it's my duck!"

The lawyer replied, "Look, I'm a very well-known lawyer in these parts and if I have to I will sue you for this duck!"

The farmer said, "I have a better way for us to settle this. Each one of us takes turns kicking the other in the nuts until the someone give up. The winner get the duck!"

The lawyer took a look at the old farmer and since he was in top shape and much bigger then the farmer, he would have no problem winning this competition.
"Alright old timer, you got yourself a deal!" said the lawyer. "As a matter of fact, you can go first!"

The farmer got a running start and nailed the lawyer right in the nuts. The lawyers knees buckeled and he dropped to the ground. After about 5 minutes of pain and almost vomiting he raises up to he feet.

In a crackled voice the lawyer said, "Alright old timer, it's my turn"
The old farmer then says, "Ahh, keep the f@$king duck!"

MORAL OF THE STORY: Lawyers aren't very smart

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